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The ultimate partner in the journey of parenthood

IONCA is the essential parenting portal and app tailored for new parents, transforming the daunting adventure of raising a newborn into an informed and supported journey. It’s a comprehensive resource hub featuring expert articles, videos, and practical guides to answer your parenting questions. But IONCA goes beyond information; it’s a community where you can connect with fellow parents, sharing experiences and seeking advice in a warm and welcoming environment.

Planning to conceive?

We offersa personalized fertility tracker to monitor ovulation, predict fertile windows, and optimize conception chances with intuitive interfaces and real-time insights.

During pregnancy

We are your trusted ally, providing evidence-based info, updates on baby’s development, expert tips, and personalized reminders. Stay connected with a supportive community of fellow expectant parents.

As your due date approaches

The IONCA Parenting Companion smoothly transitions into a powerful labor tool, offering contraction timers, exercises, and relaxation techniques. Create a personalized birth plan to communicate your preferences clearly to your healthcare team.

Tracking your baby’s growth and milestones is effortless with IONCA’s intuitive tools, ensuring you never miss those precious moments. What sets IONCA apart is its personalization; it tailors content to your baby’s age and your unique needs, providing relevant information and recommendations.

Meet the team

Miguel Rodríguez


Experienced strategist thinker excels in brand and organization development, data-driven insights, and comprehensive omni-channel marketing. Proven leader in forming high-performance teams and cultivating collaborations. Exceptional communicator skilled at working with various stakeholders and building strategic partnerships, including impactful national-level humanitarian causes.

Lourdes Mendez

Founder / Content Director

For over three decades, a generational coach, consciential anthropologist, and astrologer, passionately explores the connection between the Universe and humanity. With 20,000+ coaching hours globally, she translates profound experiences into empowering insights. As the creator of daily Energy Forecasts, Méndez has authored texts for local and international publications, sharing her wisdom with a wide audience.

Lila Dae

Movement Instructor
Associates Scheduler

Cuban-American sociologist and intentional living mentor, blends traditional and modern practices to empower individuals in navigating societal influences on identity. Specializing in mindfulness and movement, Dae guides transformative journeys toward authenticity and meaningful connections, inspiring individuals to lead fulfilling lives and make positive contributions.

Maria Eugenia Blanco

Research & Relations Director

An architect who blends social architecture with spirituality, creating spaces that harmonize with surroundings and foster spiritual well-being. Incorporating sacred geometry and energetic flow, her designs resonate with positive vibrations for spiritual practices. Blanco successfully completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Miami in 1983, graduating with the highest honors, summa cum laude.

Meranyer Bortolussi

Production Manager

A Valera-Venezuela native, holds degrees in Business Administration and Marketing. As a mother of three, her parenting journey ignited a passion for education and personal growth. Embracing innovative approaches like the Reggio Emilia method, she founded Suaja in Maracaibo in 2011, fostering wellness through yoga. Studying Human Services, Meranyer focuses on empathy and compassion, assisting individuals with challenges in development, psychology, and daily life.

Our Support team.

Ionca features a dedicated team of specialists, including experienced child psychologists and experts in the mind-body connection. This multidisciplinary team collaborates seamlessly to provide holistic support for children’s well-being, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to physical and mental health. Ionca’s commitment to assembling such a skilled and diverse team underscores its dedication to effective and comprehensive child development.

Phone: +1 555 555 5555
E-Mail: hello@ionca.com

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