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About us

The ultimate partner in the journey of parenthood

ONCA is the essential parenting portal and app tailored for new parents, transforming the daunting adventure of raising a newborn into an informed and supported journey. It’s a comprehensive resource hub featuring expert articles, videos, and practical guides to answer your parenting questions. But IONCA goes beyond information; it’s a community where you can connect with fellow parents, sharing experiences and seeking advice in a warm and welcoming environment.

Tracking your baby’s growth and milestones is effortless with IONCA’s intuitive tools, ensuring you never miss those precious moments. What sets IONCA apart is its personalization; it tailors content to your baby’s age and your unique needs, providing relevant information and recommendations.

Planning to conceive?

We offersa personalized fertility tracker to monitor ovulation, predict fertile windows, and optimize conception chances with intuitive interfaces and real-time insights.

During pregnancy

We are your trusted ally, providing evidence-based info, updates on baby’s development, expert tips, and personalized reminders. Stay connected with a supportive community of fellow expectant parents.

As your due date approaches

The IONCA Parenting Companion smoothly transitions into a powerful labor tool, offering contraction timers, exercises, and relaxation techniques. Create a personalized birth plan to communicate your preferences clearly to your healthcare team.

Phone: +1 555 555 5555
E-Mail: hello@ionca.com

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