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Meet COI

Your Ultimate Companion on the Journey of Joyful Parenting!

Before meeting our friend IONCA, it is crucial to understand its components to understand its incorporation into the portal and its importance in our web activities. Ionca personifies ions as an energetic pet in the form of an animated microorganism. Since his creation, this friendly character has filled our portal with his fresh image and distributed knowledge continuously.

Atom: The smallest unit of a chemical element making up the universe’s matter, its elusive nature preventing direct observation. Key terms include electrons (negatively charged particles), nucleus (central part with protons and neutrons), protons (positively charged), and neutrons (neutral). Ions are charged atoms—positive (cation) or negative (anion)—resulting from an electron-proton imbalance. COI ✨, our mascot, is a unique ion with expressions, serving as a friendly presence in events, cheerfully conveying important information.


It is where he shows the expressions that he is feeling, in them
his mood reflects.


In the body, mostly negatively charged ions are found, with a positive impact on human health.


Although lacking fingers, this appendage possesses the magnetic ability to grip and manipulate objects, providing mobility to its body.

3 drops

The drops above your head are extensions of your thoughts, shaping hands and objects as you need in your subatomic world.

COI is friendly, adventurous and creative. Provide useful information on our portal about important dates, moon phases and national events. As a pet, it is the common thread of our stories, its occurrences can surprise, move or make us laugh. Ionca starts from the idea of ​​a character who would support the existence of ions and how they work, our energy mascot, personifies ions with his animated microorganism form. Since its creation, it has filled the portal with its freshness, projecting information, joy and constant knowledge.

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E-Mail: hello@ionca.com

5055 neque quam porta nulla, at ultricies imus turpis.


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