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IONCA positions itself as a trusted partner on the journey to parenthood, helping parents navigate this stage of life successfully with confidence and peace of mind. Complements and reinforces one another, allowing IONCA to provide a comprehensive experience for parents of future babies. By offering preparation programs, counseling services, a supportive community, and reliable resources.


This unit focuses on offering comprehensive and personalized preparation programs for parents of future babies. These programs may include interactive workshops, online courses, individualized counseling sessions, and support groups. The main goal is to provide parents with the tools and knowledge necessary to confidently and skillfully navigate the challenges of parenting.

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Baby Products, the only Store you’ll need

IONCA also offers a carefully curated selection of resources and products for babies that support mindful and healthy parenting. This can include everything from books and practical guides on infant care to organic, sustainable, and safe products for the baby. This business unit aims to be a trusted source for parents who want access to quality products and reliable resources for the well-being and development of their children.

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Time Capsule

The Ionca Time Capsule is a magical journey through a child’s early years—a curated treasure chest filled with anecdotes, photos, and memories from loved ones. An extraordinary gift meant for the child to open and cherish at 18. Key Features: Personalized Content, Multimedia Experience, User-Friendly Platform, Time-Release Feature, Aesthetic Design, Interactive Experience and Inclusive Collaboration

Gift Occasions

Is an ideal gift for baby showers, birthdays, or any occasion celebrating a new family member. A thoughtful token of love, it preserves the essence of early years for the child to cherish in adulthood.

Closing Note

Is more than a product; it’s an emotional investment in a child’s future. With technology and personalization, it creates a bridge between generations—an original and amazing gift transcending time.

Melody memories

IONCA Melody Memories offers a personalized service creating a heartwarming song for your baby. Crafted to be enjoyed during pregnancy and early childhood, this service captures the essence of your journey to parenthood, creating a musical masterpiece resonating with the emotions and experiences of this special time.
Tailored Composition, Pregnancy Soundtrack, Lullaby for New Beginnings, Personalized Touch and Positive Cognitive and Emotional Impac.

Gift Occasions

IONCA Melody Memories strives to provide an enduring and meaningful musical legacy for your family, fostering a positive and loving atmosphere from pregnancy through the first years of your child’s life.

Counseling and Consulting Services

IONCA provides counseling and consulting services to both first-time parents and those expecting a new child. These services can range from home planning and organization for the baby’s arrival to guidance in choosing products and services related to parenting, as well as support in making important decisions about the baby’s care and education.

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Experience the best part of your life!


A new, innovative app catering to the needs of new parents and their babies will offer features such as a calendar, nutrition guidance, mindfulness tools, and more. The app provides a free version with optional add-ons and subscriptions for a comprehensive experience.

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Find more in our youtube channel

Our online training sessions will be free initially, shifting to a subscription model. Special courses with unique names and associated costs may include additional materials. One-on-one sessions may be available post-course. On the IONCA YouTube channel, expect Educational Videos, Tips, Q&A, Expert Interviews, Parenting Stories, and Inspirational Content.

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We are excited to introduce IONCA LABS On-Site, a hub offering innovative services for families, creating a comprehensive environment for an enhanced parenting journey. Here’s what you can expect from IONCA LABS On-Site: Workshops and Classes, Parent-Child Play and Learning Spaces, Consultation and Support Services, Product Showroom and Testing, Community Events and Networking.

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