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A Guiding Light on Your Parenthood Journey

Embarking on parenthood is a transformative journey, marked by wonder, challenges, and joy. Meet the IONCA Universe, your dedicated companion offering support at every step. Committed to holistic guidance, IONCA provides carefully crafted courses covering the 11 Spheres of Knowledge, addressing crucial aspects of parenthood and equipping you with the confidence and tools for this rewarding journey.

Whether expecting, navigating early parenthood, or seeking ongoing guidance, the IONCA Universe is your support. Our courses provide insights and tools, empowering you to embrace parenthood with confidence and joy. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where knowledge meets experience, guided by the IONCA Universe.

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Congratulations on embarking on the beautiful journey of parenthood! At IONCA, we understand that becoming a parent is both a thrilling and daunting experience filled with countless questions and uncertainties.

Want a baby (Conception)

Addresses pre-pregnancy well-being, nutrition, genealogy, stress reduction, and balanced diets.

Baby is coming (Prenatal)

Custom courses in neuroscience, biorhythm, and prenatal meditation support holistic well-being for parent and baby during pregnancy.

Baby is here (Natal)

Offers courses in movement, breath, and music for smoother birthing.

My first years (Postnatal)

This platform empowers parents with child development resources for confident early parenting.

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