Use Cases

Offering examples provided by LIT…

Device as-a-Service

LIT in partnership with the Service provider can provide a true end-to-end device as a service solution.

Multi-Cloud as-a-Service

Deliver both public and private cloud resources by providing content with a consistent monthly cost model.

Network as-a-Service

We can provide technology as a service for campus. WAN and Intercloud connectivity environments.

Storage as-a-Service

The demand for greater storage capacity will only Accelerate as IOT sensor data continues to grow inside of enterprises.

IOT & IOT Edge as-a-Service

IOT Solutions are generating vast amounts of data and include the analytics that make that data valuable.

Software as-a-Service

We convert software that today requires a large capital expense for perpetual licenses to monthly cost model.

Datacenter as-a-Service

Extend your team’s capabilities with a full suite of on-demand data center services with all include.

Backup as-a-Service

Insight wraps it’s managed services around the infrastructure to provide a comprehensive backup service.

Cloud Migrations

LIT can facilitate the migration to cloud based solutions and provide the flexibility of capacity on-demand.

Enabled by LIT

Technology Solutions Delivered in a Consumption Model.

Flexible and Creative Contract Term Examples

Infrastructure Buy Back

Convert Customer on book assets to an as-a-Service OpEx delivery. Use freed up cash to fund services or return the cash assets back to the customer.

Resale of Existing client assets

Example: Buyback of existing assets from the client, hold them through a cloud migration, and resell the assets once no longer needed by the client.

Third Party Maintenance Services

For older or assets under a transition project, LIT can provide maintenance contracts at significantly reduced cost (by as much as 60%).


Multi Vendor Content

LIT can include any number of vendors products in our as-a-Service delivery. Can include Hardware, Software, Maintenance, Prof. Services, IOT sensors, even applications such as Analytics and AI/ML solutions.

Capacity Consumption

Understand the Customers historical and future consumption needs and build that into a mix of committed and on-demand consumed resources providing the most cost efficient as-a-Service model possible.

Included Colocation

LIT can combine colocation services with technology providing the added flexibility of early termination terms (not normally offered by colocation companies) for both the infrastructure and DC space and power.